How many people live on the island?

It depends when you count them! About 130 people have Clare Island as their main residence, but this includes secondary school children who are only here at the weekend during the school year. A number of people have holiday homes on the island.

What do people do on the island?

A number of people are employed by the salmon farm located on the East side of the island. Agriculture, mostly sheep farming, but some cattle and horses (the island is home to a few Connemara ponies) and tourism are also important to the local economy. Fishing (mostly lobster), is only a summer activity. There are also a few self employed builders on the island, as well as the usual services (post office, school, etc).

Where are the toilets?

Public toilets are available at the community centre, just above the beach, and 3 mins walk from the pier.

Is there a school on the island?

Yes, there is a primary school on the island, with about 20 students and 2 teachers. The island however does not have a secondary school. Secondary school students board in Louisburgh during the week and come back to the island for the weekend.

Is there a pub on the island?

There are actually two: The privately owned Sailor’s bar, overlooking the harbour, is open from April to September. There’s also a licensed premises in the community centre, loacted near the beach, open all year round.

Is there a shop on the island?

Yes, O’Malley foodstore 3535(0)98 269 87, located near the church on the South side of the island. It is also the post office

Is there a doctor on the island?

No, but there are two public health nurses (phone 098.25407) and a doctor visits from Achill every Wednesday morning

Is there a priest on the island?

Clare Island no longer has a resident Priest and is now served by a visiting Priest. On the weekends that the Priest does not visit the island, the people organise a religious service. The Church is situated beside the school and shop; 3km from the Quay. Please inquire at the shop or at the community centre for the times of services and mass.

Is there broadband on the island?

Yes, provided by Westnet, which serve the whole of Mayo.Clare Island was actually the first of the Irish offshore islands to have Broadband Internet access.