Retreats & Crafts


Ballytoughey Loom offers crafts for sale and also runs weekend and week-long craft workshops. For more information visit


Weekend workshops

A weekend course covering the basics of spinning, weaving and natural dying. As always we will focus on what the group wants and also within the group there will be space to individualize with groups kept at a maximum of 4. The course runs from 10A.M. to 4:30 P.M. first two days and finishes at lunchtime on the third day. Cost is €240.

April 29th – May 1st 
June 3rd – 5th 
July 29th – 31st 
Aug 5th – 7th 
Sept 2nd – 4th 

Week long workshops

This week long workshop will give an opportunity to explore deeper into the setting up process in weaving and the preparation needed to visualize a project.We will also look at different plants and methods within the naturally dying process. As always we will facilitate individuals to focus on their own particular areas of interest. This is possible due to the size of groups (maximum 4) The course runs from 10A.M. to 4:30 P.M. finishing on Friday at lunchtime. Cost is €320.

June 12th – 16th 
July 3rd – 7th 
Aug 21st – 25th 
Sept 25th – 29th 

Price for week long workshop inclusive of lunch and materials is €320. 

Courses can be arranged for individual and small groups at times outside those listed and can be tailored to suit the individuals or groups needs in terms of focus and content for the course. This will depend on the availability of the workshop facility at the times chosen. 


Ricepaste print on silk workshop

August 13, 14, 15  2017. 

Christine van der Heide will visit Clare Island on August 13, 14, 15 2017. 
In this workshop we will make stencil prints on silk with ricepaste and dye with natural dyestuff. The technique is based on the Japanese Katazome methode of printing. It is a resistprint. For the workshop I developed a simpler way of printing and we will use natural dyes of Clare Island for the colours. 

The Process

Day 1: Introduction of technique and my work: Making rice paste, preparing the fabric, cutting stencils, printing 2 pieces of fabric for project 1>1. A and 1.B. 
Day 2: Coating with soymilk, making the dyes, ppply colours, drying the fabric, fixate piece 1. A Add print on piece 1. B Print 2 pieces of fabric for project 2>2.A and 2.B. 
Day 3: Coating with soymilk, making the dyes, apply colours, drying and fixate piece 2.A and 1.B Add print on piece 2.B Apply colours, drying and fixate piece 2.B. 
Discuss the work 
We can use the left over dyes for some tie&dye projects.

Price for course is €200 including materials and lunch


Yoga & Mindfulness Classes & Retreats 


Formerly known as Clare Island Retreat Centre, Macalla Farm has been running residential retreats since 2001. They grow most of their own food and serve vegetarian meals on all their retreats (with vegan and gluten-free options available on request). To book a yoga class, call Ciara on 087 2504845. Learn more about upcoming retreats on


Equestrian Lessons 


Also on offer at Macalla Farm is a range of equestrian classes, where you can take part in hoofcare and horsemanship courses as well as equine-assisted mindfulness. More information on